What exactly is search engine optimization?  For that matter, what exactly is a search engine?

Search engines are sites like Google, AOL, MSN or Yahoo where searches for information on the Internet are conducted.  Searches are conducted by typing keywords or key phrases into the search box and then reviewing the results.  To see a list and try searches on some of the major search engines go to www.freewebsearch.com.

Search engine optimization is the process of getting a website ranked in the top results under certain keywords.  For example, if you own a business that sells shower heads in Houston, you would probably want to rank well when a searcher typed in "shower heads Houston" in the keyword box.  If you run a charity that provides international aid to hungry children, you may want to be in the top ten results when a searcher typed in "children's charities" or "international charity." 
How do you do it?  What process is involved in search engine optimization?

The first step in the optimization of a page is to decide what keywords you want your business to be ranking under.  Designs For Today can determine what searchers are most likely to type in to a search engine to find a website like yours.
  For example, if you own a website that sells real estate in New York, are searchers most likely to type in "real estate new york,"  "new york real estate" or a misspelling such as "new york realistate"?  If you own a site that sells discount children's books online are your clients more likely to type in  "books online in children's or "cheap foreign books"?  If you provide marriage counseling are people more likely to type in "marriage help"?  Designs For Today will help you find the most asked-for keywords relating to your site.

Why should I choose Designs for Today to do my search engine optimization?

There are many companies that offer search engine optimization.  It is a little known fact, however, that many companies that offer promotion search engine optimization or (website promotion) can do your website more harm than good.  Many search engine optimization companies do not, in fact, know how to truly optimize--they know how to spam.  

Spamming is a term search engines use for people who bombard their services with certain code and submissions that hinder the way the search engine operates.  When a search engine optimizer gets into the background (HTML) code of your site, he or she can put a lot of "spam" code and hidden code into it to make you rank well.  He may also try to put you into link farms which is also forbidden by search engines.

The problem with these methods is that, although they may work for a while, search engines eventually will catch the spam, and you will be banned.  They will remove you entirely.  Once you are banned from a major search engine it is almost impossible to get back into their directories.  They don't care if you didn't know what the search engine optimization company was doing.  As far as the search engine is concerned.  It is your website, and your responsibility.  

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